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Untitled Document Past Updates
A fairly simple idea, I'm going to start storing the update notices for the various sections of my page here, this will allow others who don't visit it quite as often as I update a chance to look at what I've done since they've last been here.  This is all starting on May 13, 1999 for those who care. 

Ranma Nibun no Ichi Fanfiction

My primary page, these updates are rather sparse generally but I'll include them nonetheless.

Siblings' Stories

It's rather obvious what will be in these updates and why they might be needed for reference.

Ranma Fan Fiction Ideas

Here the updates are not quite so necessary however they can still save some browsing time and get you straight to what you haven't seen before.

Ranma Fan Fiction Links

These updates can save alot of hassle and wasted time going through all the links I have listed in order to find the few which have been added to or changed..

That's about all for now, I will try and make sure I update this page every time the entire site is updated.