Ranma Nibun no Ichi Fanfiction

It has been nearly ten years since I was first introduced to anime by a friend of mine who had gotten a hold of an odd show he said was called Ranma 1/2. The very concept of the show fascinated me, a simple application of water and you have a woman where once there was a man, animal where once a human stood. It was acouple of years after I saw my first episode of Ranma that I ran into that odd phenomenon known as fan fiction; I was entranced. Here was a steady, seemingly limitless, source of new Ranma 1/2 material. The stories which I read inspired me to attempt my own, as well as try and provide another source to which others might go to find the diamonds in the rough, so to speak. This page is the end result of both efforts.

Ranma and Akane For those of you unfamiliar with the plot line of Ranma 1/2, it centers around a young man by the name of Ranma Saotome. Ranma is a brilliant martial artist with one or two small problems which he has to face, the first consisting of a curse which transforms him from a boy to a girl with the touch of cold water. The rest of his problems begin with his introduction to a girl by the name of Akane Tendo-who he soon learns is to be his fiancee. This sets the tone for the rest of the series; a rash of challenges, a few more fiancees and a variety of other challenging situations soon popping up and keeping him occupied for our amusement.

Ranma poses a unique challenge, or perhaps opportunity, to writers of fanfiction. The situation which Rumiko Takahashi has created has almost boundless opportunities, stories based upon the characters and setting she created have ranged from entirely ludicrous to touching and heartfelt. Takahashi's creations present unique opportunities for exploring gender issues, love and romance, comedy, and many other areas which the author didn't always touch upon herself in any great detail. With that in mind, I encourage you to explore what you find below, and hopefully enjoy yourself.

Siblings' Stories

While I try and write when I can, I have a number of other hobbies which tend to take up my time, thus I've accomplished little since I began. I have written the beginings of a few series of my own and collaborated with my sister on some others though, and as time goes by I find that I enjoy writing more and more. The stories listed here are generally marked as to who wrote them, either myself or my sister, though we generally go to each other for feedback, so to an extent we've cowritten in some shape or form most of the stories here. At any rate, if you would like to take a glimpse at these stories just follow the link and if you like them, or don't, feel free to send comments to us.

Ranma Fan Fiction Links

A variety of links to various fanfiction sites around the web, some of these stories can be found on the R.A.A.C., others can't. I currently have these roughly sorted, with no description of the stories, into rather broad categories. Alot of them actually have more than the fic which I list in the link, some of which are good in their own right. While this is far from a complete listing of the various sites dedicated to Ranma 1/2 fan fiction, I have listed a fairly large number, generally of good quality. And for those whose tastes run differently from my own, a few sites which _do_ attempt completion.

Ranma Fan Fiction Ideas

As I've read the fan fiction I've come across on the web a few ideas have come to mind which I haven't yet seen. I've written them down, for my own reference primarily, before deciding to share them with others. Some have blossomed into actual stories, others remain little more than outlines.

R.A.A.C. Favorite Fan Fiction

The R.A.A.C. was a large collection of Ranma fan fiction, primarily unsorted by genre, length, content or anything besides the title. For quite some time I monitored this archive religiously, collecting those stories which I enjoyed and posting comments about them on this page. While the archive itself is gone, it may still be possible to find the stories using Google or another search engine and the comments may still be of use.

Former Updates to these pages can all be found here.