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Last Updated:  9/23/00--I went through and made sure all the links were working and led to the appropriate sites, fixing a lot of the xoom/nbci sites primarily.  I also got around to cleaning up the Alterered Reality section, so most of the fics are no longer lumped under "Miscellaneous".  In fact, that particular category is completely eliminated.


While I've attempted to categorize those links that I've listed here on the basis of broad generalizations, there are stories in all the categories I've chosen which fit into what I call "Ranma-chan" fics (due to the prevalence of stories that identify Ranma's female form by that name).  Stories dealing with Ranma being either trapped in female form, choosing to be in female form, or otherwise bringing his female side to the forefront.  I've collected a number of these links, and decided to give them their own section.
While I've separated these links into different categories, these are my first impressions of the stories, occasionally done from memory of a story last read a few months ago.  Others are just hard to classify as any one of these.  At any rate, if you think any of these are sorted wrong I would appreciate hearing from you.  As a side note, I've tried to sort these stories out a bit more thoroughly, placing my favorites towards the top of any given category and trying to rank them from there.  Keep in mind these are my opinion only, your own may differ.
My girl side was always a part of me...

Alternate Reality Fics

Second only to those stories found above, Ranma fan fiction which deals with introducing a change at some point before or during the series and trying to decide what might have occurred are frequently favorites of mine.  I've separated these into a couple of different categories, though I'm planning on improving this a bit.  I might also separate this into Divergent and Alternate Realities.


Continuation Fics

These are the fics which I've generally labeled as trying to continue the series or which happen after the series ends without changing any of the events which occur.


These basically are what the header says, pages which are basically what this is-an Archive.  Most of these lists have far more extensive listings than I do here, though not necessarily organized in any particular manner.
  1. Ranma 1/2 Superhighway-a very large and complete index of sites.
  2. Ranma Fan Fiction Archive Index.
  3. FFML Authors Webpages
  4. FFML Mini-Archive
  5. Crossovers Archive
  6. The Bet


What archive of fanfiction would be complete without that staple crop of crossovers.  These are some of the better one's I've found on the Net, or at least that have caught my eye for a time.  I don't really like fusions so most of these, if not all, are actual crossovers in which Ranma interacts with the characters that already exist there.  As an aside, some of these may be listed twice, as I've left those stories in which Ranma is a female here.