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                  Fanfiction Ideas

Last Updated: 9/10/00--I've added one idea, roman numeral XI, which deals with a fairly controversial issue.  I have no idea when or if I'll ever get to this particular idea, but it's fleshed out fairly well and is an interesting subject to tell the least.

Just a few notes before you begin reading these, if you want to use one of these ideas, please contact me.  At the least I would like to read what results, and I can tell you if I've begun work on the idea or have any really firm plans for starting on them.

{Five *'s will indicate my favorite idea, and I will rank the others with stars as well, I would also like to note that most of these don't have actual titles, just short descriptive phrases till I actually start the fic.  Titles will be in parenthesis.}

I.      Ranma, Ukyou, and Akane's Love Triangle ***

  1. This is an idea which is basically meant to finish off a series or perhaps _the_ series, in the latter case it could I suppose stand on its own with enough work.  However ideally I think this would be the ending to an alternate reality fic.
  2. The premise behind this idea is simple in that Ranma discovers when he sits down and thinks about the situation that he loves both Akane and Ukyou yet cannot choose between them without hurting both himself and more importantly them.  Thus he or they come up with a plan to solve this problem.
  3. The plan is rather simple in that it involves Ranma legally separating his male and female half so that they are technically two people, most likely Ranma and Ranko Saotome.  This allows him to satisfy both his honor, the arrangements with both, and his and their hearts, if they or he goes along with the idea.  This is done by having Ukyou marry his female side as she is legally male, and Akane marry his male side.
  4. A lot of fun could be had with this in dealing with the torrents of emotion which are likely to crop up among the trio and the decision each of the characters would have to make as to whether they wanted to go along with it or not.

II.     Jusenkyo Switch **

  1. Any or all of the various characters in the series who are cursed get a spell, or something else, cast upon them which makes them believe that they are in their cursed forms when they aren't, and vice versa.  This could lead to a variety of interesting situations.
  2. Nodoka pays a visit to the Tendo residence and sees Ranma flouncing around in skirts and Genma sitting out in the front yard rolling on his back playing with a tire.
  3. Some _truly_ interesting ramifications on the P-chan situation.
  4. I don't see this as much more than a spam fic but the idea was bouncing around in my head so I thought to let it out.

III.      Ranma and Shampoo ****

  1. This is an alternate reality fic in which the diversion from the original series takes place in the first episode near the very beginning of the episode, namely when Ranma and Genma are fighting over going to the Tendo's.  During the battle everything will go as normal until right before Genma is about to hit Ranma over the head with the sign, at this point Shampoo will catch up to the pair a bit prematurely and attack Ranma.  Ranma's mood, not terribly good in the first place due to the marriage and rain, plummets rapidly and she finally attacks back-systematically taking apart Shampoo's defenses and disarming her.
  2. When Shampoo is finally completely at her mercy she asks if Shampoo will give up her quest and she nods, once she lets go of Shampoo however she jumps into Ranma's embrace and gives her the Kiss of Marriage, with Ranma being the dominant partner.
  3. It turns out that the only way to nullify a Kiss of Death is for the warrior to be completely and utterly defeated again and upon that defeat the warrior shall receive the Kiss of Marriage.  This shall give her the status of dominant partner in the relationship with the one defeated throwing herself in Nanniichuan so children may result from the marriage
  4. Shampoo is generally happy to have a strong mate but rather sad about the thought of eventually gaining a curse thus when she finds out Ranma is already "cursed" she's ecstatic and as happy as she was in the original even if she is going to lose status in the village from this.
  5. When she summons Cologne and her grandmother sees Ranma she knows the truth but tells him that it doesn't matter.  Choosing to defeat Shampoo twice as a woman he has made his choice to live primarily as a woman and take part in the politics of the village as Cologne's new heir.  She won't freeze him in this one both to stay on his good side and because this way her grand daughter doesn't need to subject herself to a curse, she will however be even more determined to get Ranma for the village as it is no longer a case of just strong genes as the village will gain a strong leader who could allow her to retire.
  6. Shampoo, Ranma, and Genma won't reach the Dojo for a few weeks after when Genma tricks them into going, so the Tendo daughters have a chance to think about what they want to do and Ranma and Shampoo have a chance to get closer. With Ranma accustoming himself to being Shampoo's fiancé as opposed to Akane's vastly altering the series.  The only thing about marrying Shampoo which he truly dislikes, aside from marriage itself, is that he would have to live as a women this is a strong turn off to him.

IV.     Ranma and Ranko ***

  1. Yet another idea among the multitude out there of Ranma being a twin as opposed to a single child.
  2. Ranma and Ranko are twins who have done pretty much everything together and were all but identical as children when Genma took them on the training trip as usual.
  3. As they get older they begin to get more and more physically different to their dismay until they hear a legend of some cursed pools which might be able to solve that problem.
  4. They are the ones who convince Genma that the cursed springs of Jusenkyo are a good place to go and when they reach them they quickly tie up Genma and begin grilling the Guide as to exactly what the nature of the curses are and where they can find those they are looking for.
  5. Genma meanwhile is working on his bonds frantically as he hears the direction the conversation is taking and thinks of the contract he signed with Nodoka to make Ranma and Ranko a Man among Men and Woman among Women (with some martial arts thrown in) respectively.
  6. Ranma and Ranko are just about to jump into the opposite pool so that they may be as close as possible again physically, which in their minds will bring them even closer period.  Unfortunately for Genma he gets out of his bonds just in time to allow Ranma to kick him over to Ranko who then proceeds to punt him into Shonmaonicchuan. This fails to stop the twins and they immediately take the plunge before rushing over to the guide for hot water while trying to decide which of them should get used to the curse first.
  7. Can go on from there I suppose…
  8. Could see Ranma and Ranko coming into the village as twin females (or males) and Cologne or some other elder sensing their rather large fighting potential and thinking of how to get them into the village.
  9. Meeting with the Tendo's and Ranko ending up engaged to one of the girls for however long.
  10. I could see Ryouga having a grudge against both Ranma and Ranko initially which brings him to Jusenkyo, in this one however he won't meet up with a fleeing Panda or girl and thus can't blame his curse upon them.  His curse will most likely not be a pig but rather something else which Ranma and Ranko will adopt in much the same manner as Akane did P-chan.  Akane may end up finding out about the curse and Ryouga transfers much of his antipathy over to the one who knows his curse, restrained only by the fact that Akane is a girl.  The final situation will end up being much the same as in the original series only reversed.
  11. Ranma and Ranko having lots of fun confusing everyone as to which of them is which, a game they haven't been able to play since they were very little and got their hands on some hair dye which they smeared all over each other and their hair.
  12. The twins main strength would be in fighting together as they're nearly unstoppable like this and can almost take on Cologne or Happosai much earlier than just Ranma could.  When one of them learns a technique the other picks it up almost instantly thus they can also learn twice as fast if they separate and come back together later.
  13. The only thing they don't like about their curses are when they are both splashed with cold or hot water-however since they were always like this before the curses they don't mind too much-if they want to seem the same just about the only way to tell them apart is to splash the both of them.
  14. Not sure what to do with the fiancée problem since they would mostly be concerned with each other, could almost see them sharing _everything_.

V.    Ranma/Dragonball Crossover *

  1. This will center primarily upon Dragonball with one central difference, namely the mountains which Goku and Gohan (the original) live in are called the Bayankala Range.
  2. When Goku's ship originally crashes Gohan ends up chasing Goku before he's hit his head and Goku runs into the cursed springs of Jusenkyo, this results in a dip in the spring of drowned girl (note for this fic, drowned girl does not equal spring of drowned 'human' girl, it merely relates gender) this accomplishes approximately the same thing as him falling and hitting his head did.
  3. That's essentially the only change, though the world will be a meld of the DragonBall and Ranma worlds, geographically anyway. I'm not sure when Ranma might come in to this though one could possibly see the Turtle Elder and Happosai as old buddies both nearly immortal and perverted.
  4. Ranma actually entering the Tenkai Boudokai and becoming Goku's competitor and equal, both constantly striving to be on top. Ranma could have a greater natural fighting ability but Goku has the advantages of being a Saiyajin to even things out.

VI.   Akane and Mousse **

  1. This is just basically a brief note about the potential for Ranma's first fight with Mousse where he promised Akane to Mousse if he should lose.  I thought this had great potential to cause a rather large change in the storyline if Akane actually went along with it contrary to her protests and Genma and Soun would possibly go along with it because it was a duel of honor (of course Soun has two other daughters he can marry off too).
  2. Ranma could lose for any number of reasons, perhaps the initial kick in which he got hit due to size considerations knocks him out of the ring, or the fire gets started a bit closer, whatever the case he would end up losing in order for the story to progress.

VII.     Happosai at Large **(1/2 *)

  1. What if early on during Ranma and Genma's training trip Genma decided to check on the wards that held Happosai in place?
  2. After arriving near the mountains, Genma sets up camp and tells Ranma to stay where he is while he goes and does something for grown ups.
  3. This understandably intrigues young Ranma and he decides to follow after his Dad to see what exactly he is planning on doing, and whether or not he can do it too, just to show his Dad that he's a big boy too.
  4. After walking for a few hours Genma, and Ranma who's hiding in the bushes, come across an enormous boulder festooned with multiple wards and prayers to the deities, none of which Ranma can read.
  5. Genma cautiously creeps up to the boulder and taps it before running away and hiding behind a nearby rock, with little or no consequences he screws up his courage and goes up to the boulder once more and begins to fiddle with the wards. Noticing one or two of the wards damaged he decides to remove them before they can affect any of the others, after pulling one off that has a lightning kanji he tugs on the other damaged one for a little while, until rather than being removed it rights itself and all seems to be in order, so he leaves.
  6. Ranma has been watching this entire time and after seeing how even his father couldn't pull off the wards decides to test himself and runs up to the boulder and begins to pull off wards left and right. The thought of why he's able to when his father couldn't soon fleeing from his head as the fun he's having jumping around and grabbing them takes hold. Finally he runs out of wards to pull off and is sitting there covered in them while he looks on the now regular boulder.
  7. At this point a strange noise begins to come from the boulder and with a resounding crack the boulder splits in twain, each side tumbling down the mountain and Happosai jumps out cackling, right up until he sees Ranma sitting there staring at him with wide eyes.
  8. After Happosai comes out of the rock, he and Ranma quickly strike up a friendship and Ranma introduces himself and asks if Happosai wants to play with him, after all it _must_ be size that keeps the grown ups from doing so and Happosai is just his size. Happosai quickly accepts and the two begin to play with Happosai soon having more fun than he's had since his last panty raid with the acrobatic young boy (quite aside from the fact that he's been locked in that cave for the past year or two).
  9. After an hour or so Ranma suddenly gasps as he realizes that his father Genma is going to reach the camp and he won't be there. Happosai quickly reassures him that he can get them there on time and proposes one last game--putting the boulder back in place with the wards. Ranma is rather dubious about this until he sees his new friend pick up a boulder which looks exactly like the cracked one and move over and put it in front of the cave, cackling all the while. He and Ranma soon begin to put the wards back the way they were and then leave for the camp.
  10. After arriving at the camp Ranma is bouncing around with excitement at having a new friend who's so much fun and can't wait to tell his Dad, Happosai is understandably dismayed at this idea and quickly convinces Ranma that they can have much more fun--generally at Genma's expense--if they keep Happosai secret. And so Happosai stays around for much of Ranma's training, supplementing it with his own--and introducing Ranma to the fine art of girl chasing at a young age.
  11. I'm not sure at this point whether this will come after Ukyou, in which case Ranma might attach himself more since he's just lost a friend, or before, in which case Ranma can introduce Happosai to Ukyou with some of the attendant fun.
  12. I'm not exactly sure how much better Ranma would be, though he would be better with both Genma and Happosai training him, but that would play into future encounters. Also the fact that Ranma would attempt to solve his problems _quite_ differently under Happosai's tutelage. Happosai would also probably disguise most of his training as play while Ranma was young and later take him along with him on his raids.
  13. Genma over the years would begin to start looking over his shoulder when Ranma starts to talk to his "imaginary" friend and with Ranma's developing behavior, and I could see scenes with him taking many trips to the cave to reassure himself, eventually turning it nearly into a shrine as he adds to the wards and protections surrounding it.
  14. As he's growing up Happosai will introduce him to more and more of his pleasures, though Ranma and he will decide to keep it a secret from his Dad and generally sneak off only during the night.
  15. When they finally reach Jusenkyo, I'm not exactly sure how Ranma will react to the curse--Happosai will have taken off a few days before to visit an "old friend" who lives in the area, namely Cologne. When Ranma gets cursed he'll probably explore his body a bit more thoroughly for a few minutes until Genma panda walk over to look at him in concern, at this point he'll remember his little act and chase after Genma in anger. Although he pretty much trusts that Happosai will have a cure if he wants one--and he might not since it's a really good disguise for certain "activities".
  16. This idea was mainly inspired by the fact that Happosai is one of my favorite characters and yet I had no ideas for a fic with him, and the fact that he seemed to work quite well with children in the Miss Hinako OAV.

VIII.      Kaneda ****

  1. In this particular alternate fic Soun was perhaps a bit more daring, a bit less morally sound, luckier than Genma--though not a terribly adept thief--and was looking through Happosai's things when he would eventually come across a manual of Happosai's which describes how to find the Japanese Naniichuan.
  2. Happosai eventually finds him going over the manual and takes it before he can do more than read a little bit about the legend of the fox's turning into young men and the location of the spring.
  3. Later when his wife is pregnant with Akane he thinks about his need for a male heir and how he could possibly insure that he gets one this time, thus at Akane's birth he washes the blood and other things off of her with Naniichuan from the spring (which wasn't closed yet) and tells his wife about their newborn "son".
  4. When the fact that hot water changes his "son" into a girl comes to light Soun convinces his wife (might as well just call her Kimiko, as that's the name I hear most often) that it was probably a curse Happosai put upon Kaneda.
  5. Kaneda grows up as a guy, though after his mother dies his training is interrupted so he's not really much better than Akane was--though a bit stronger.
  6. When Ranma and the others come to the Tendo hall Kaneda is quite interested in the healthy young woman with the pet panda and a curse similar to his. It might be interesting to see Ranma calling Kaneda a pervert for walking in on him before he manages to change back.
  7. This could probably be a comedy for the simple fact that its Ranma, but it would be possible to get into slightly more serious areas as Kaneda eventually has to deal with the fact that he's really a girl cursed to be a guy.
  8. One has to wonder if the fathers would decide to match up Kaneda and Ranma after all because of the symmetry of their curses or if Soun would decide that it should be one of the girls who Ranma marries.
  9. Ranma beating the stuffing out of his father when the fact that if they married he would have to be the one having the babies comes to light.

IX.     Inspired by Eimii's "Changes" **

  1. Ranma uses some Nyannichuan to give Kunou a curse
  2. Kunou actually realizes that Ranma is cursed and thinks that he gave the curse to Kunou because he could never be with a man, but still wants to allow their love to bloom.
  3. Main part of the story will be the conflict between Kunou's hatred of Ranma and love of his "Osage-no-Onna"
  4. If his love wins out, then it could be an interesting challenge to try and find a way that Kunou could actually win Ranma with the added advantage of being female while staying in character as much as possible.
  5. Could actually become a fic where Ranma and Kunou get together.  As disgusting as that is to some people :)

X.     "The Kiss" ***(1/2 *)

  1. This would most likely be a one shot starring Shampoo, probably after the end of the manga.
  2. Shampoo decides to pull out her ultimate weapon, The Kiss.  Possibly drugged, or maybe not.  Not might be funnier if it was just technique, perhaps perfected upon Mousse when they were young.
  3. This kiss is the one which ended up making Mousse so infatuated with her, thus she's been wary of using it again.  (Needless to say she's never really tried it on anyone else since.  It's a good kiss anyway though :))
  4. When she tries it upon Ranma, she gets almost no response whatsoever, and thinks that it might be because he has a female curse.  Thus she decides to perfect The Kiss for use upon females as well as males, so she can finally get Ranma.
  5. The first "female" she chooses is Tsubasa, needless to say it works spectacularly, far beyond her wildest dreams, and she goes off happy, ready to try it on Ranma.
  6. The next day, Ukyou comes by to thank her for getting Tsubasa off her case, but decides it probably isn't a good time when she sees Cologne berating Shampoo for the transvestite following her.
  7. Shampoo practices some more, an interesting scene might be her thinking out loud about castrating Mousse to practice, since he worked so well last time.  Even "The Kiss" isn't worth this, and Mousse goes into hiding for the rest of the fic.
  8. Can go through a number of scenes with the women on the show, Akane would be rather upset when Shampoo tried it on her, Ukyou sympathetic but firm that "she's not like that" (she knows what it's like to go through an identity crisis), and when she tries it on Azusa she has to beat Mikado off with several sticks when he decides she would be the perfect 1500th kiss.
  9. Would end with her wondering if it was really that good anyway, defeated and depressed in bed, when Ranma comes in to ask about all the rumors he's heard.  Finally confessing that the reason he didn't say anything after the kiss was that he was stunned...but it still won't make him marry her.  Shampoo is basically happy that Ranma liked it, and swears to double her efforts to win him.  Ranma decides he needs to stop being so nice.  (Hmm, could use a better ending actually, if I start on it I'll think of a better one probably)

XI.     Pregnancy

  1. One of the more interesting questions about Ranma's curse, is whether he would be able to bear children or not.  Whether the curse would allow it, or kill the fetus before it had a chance to grow.  In this case I'm going to make the assumption that when Ranma's body changes, the child inside of him is preserved...but only grows when he's female.  To complement this, Ranma's menstrual cycle is about twice as long as normal, and she usually tries to stay female (though not suspiciously so) till it's over so that she doesn't have to put up with it.
  2. The setting for this is at the end of the Hiryu Shoten Ha arc, starting just after Ranma runs off after the battle with Happosai.  In this case, Ukyou and Akane both shout out Ranma's name and knock out Happosai before taking off--missing the fact that Cologne finds the final piece of the chart.
  3. They catch up to Ranma and he takes off across town, too fast for them to catch.  They give pursuit anyway, and eventually come upon female Ranma lying in an alleyway, apparently asleep, with her clothes in a moderate state of disarray.
  4. Ukyou settles down to watch Ranma, while Akane goes off and to get supplies, stopping at Ucchan's first, then going to the Tendo Dojo, and just missing Cologne as she leaves to look for Ranma.  She successfully gets the necessary supplies--raiding the bathroom for all the cooking supplies they'll need ;)--and goes back to wait with Ukyou for Ranma to wake up.
  5. When Ranma finally wakes up, a bit disoriented and rubbing her head, they don't have too much trouble convincing her to take them along, and all of them head out into the wilderness so Ranma can train.
  6. The training itself, though not the main point of the story, will probably follow approximately these lines:
  7. All of this of course will take place over the course of years while dealing with the primary story line.
  8. The main focus of the story shall, however, be upon the fact that Ranma was unconscious in that alley for a reason--he was impregnated by someone who knocked him out while he was weak.  Though that's more than a bit dark, I'm going to try to keep the tone of the fic away from dwelling upon that more than necessary, as Ranma has no memories of it, and even the alley is going to be forgotten by the time the pregnancy is apparent.  Akane and Ukyou are going to have suspicions of course (only after it's obvious), but Ranma is pretty naive about man and woman (not to mention that he doesn't _want_ to think about something like that), and more specifically just how they come about.
  9. Ranma is a bit uneasy for some reason after a few weeks, but won't reveal anything to Akane and Ukyou (this will likely take place from their perspective) when they try and get the reasons why.  Snappish and somewhat melancholy, this is when Ranma finally gives up the strength training, which seems to let him forget about whatever it is.
  10. After another couple of weeks, Ranma seems to be back to himself, his appetite even stronger than it was before.  In fact, his appetite grows by leaps and bounds, and it's all Ukyou, and Akane, can do to keep up with it.  Ranma blames the occassional nausea he has in the mornings on the food Akane cooks, but keeps eating it despite this, in order to keep up with his hunger.  Akane is understandably ecstatic, though Ukyou is a bit concerned. :)
  11. Ukyou and Akane start to grow concerned when Ranma, who is acting very odd and seems incredibly reluctant to assume female form, starts getting sick a lot more frequently while in that form.  This lasts for a month or two at least, until Akane suggests that Ranma just let it run it's course, and Ranma finally agrees.  Having put up with it for that long, when she just lies down and rests as a girl for a few days, the nausea finally fades.
  12. Ukyou and Ranma finally start to notice that Ranma's baggy clothes aren't hiding a noticeable increase in the size of her bosom.  Each are fairly jealous, though they think it's odd that it occurred so quickly.  Ranma is almost forced to eat by Ukyou now, occassionally glancing down at her stomach and increasing her training.  (Ranma will dissappear often for very short intervals during all this time quite frequently)
  13. Ranma continues to be more than a bit moody when in female form, and often refuses hot water with a glare, doing most of her training in that form with apparently few results.  Not looking terribly good, Ranma is stoically closed mouth, though it's readily apparent that she's not feeling well.
  14. Eventually, Ranma will come down from this and start actively seeking out hot water, to the extent where she's nearly hiding her female form from Akane and Ukyou.  Finally after several weeks of seeing almost nothing of Ranma-chan but glimpses, an accident splashes Ranma during a meal.  Both girls are shocked to see Ranma run into her tent, apparently crying, and follow.
  15. Finally cornering Ranma they find her trying to prepare a kettle with shaking hands.  At their entrance she puts on a false smile and mentions she just didn't want them to see her until she'd lost some of this weight.  Both girls are incredibly surprised to see a very noticeable bulge in Ranma's lower abdomen.  Ranma makes a joke about not having to retie her sash everytime she changes and one of the girls finally mentions the word "pregnant".
  16. After Ranma has woken up, they sit beside her for awhile as she just stares at the ceiling, then asks what they think she should do.  At a mention of going back by Akane, Ranma is vehemenant about not doing so.  Both girls are insistent about seeing a doctor though.  After an hour or so of each of them laying there thinking, Ukyou finally suggests going to her father's house in Kansai.  Eventually Ranma agrees to this, and he changes back with the now hot water in the kettle.  Both girls are dismayed at this, feeling his stomach and wondering if the baby is alright, upsetting Ranma who mentions he's been doing this for weeks.
  17. All of them head for Kansai and Ukyou presents Ranma as a girlfriend, her father immensely proud of her for "knocking up" the young girl, and asking when the wedding is.  Akane is more than a bit angry, and Ranma blanches a bit at the thought, but Ukyou pulls them away into the bedroom she hasn't used for years.  The discussion on whether Ranma wants to go through with this occurs here, Ranma pretty unsure.  I'm guessing that she would think it's killing to abort the pregnancy at this point, after having ignored it for so long.  This doesn't, however, mean that she's happy about this--or wants anyone she knows other than Ukyou and Akane to ever, ever find out.
  18. Ranma's pregnancy proceeds apace, eventually forcing him to practice exclusively in his male form, since the doctor they go to suggests he tone down the physical activity to an extent.  Akane and Ukyou are extremely anxious, playing the parts of the "Dad" for all purposes.
  19. Ranma spends most of her time as a female as her pregnancy gets further into the third trimester, and Akane and Ukyou try to keep her resting, much to her annoyance.  The remainder of the pregnancy goes by, with all three dealing with the various things happening.  The question of what might happen if Ranma changes during the pregnancy comes up and results in a decision to do a submerged birthing.
  20. During the pregnancy, Ranma blames Ukyou and Akane and screams for hot water, since every mother needs to blame someone, and she doesn't know how this actually happened.  Some problems might crop up in labor due to the moxibustion point.  After the pregnancy, Ranma's daughter is presented to her, Ukyou, and Akane, with some amazement on the part of the trio.
  21. After the pregnancy, Ranma and the pair will eventually move out of Ukyou's father's home, probably back to Nerima, since Ranma can now more than defend himself.  All three agree that they won't say who's child it actually is, just that it's Ranma's.  They'll let the rest of Nerima assume it was either Akane or Ukyou who bore it, but won't confirm or deny any comments on it.
  22. This idea came about (as one might guess) from watching the Hiryu Shoten Ha arc of the anime.  It began with my wondering what might have happened if Ranma had managed to slip away on his own before Akane appeared.  Then I thought it might be more interesting if Ranma had just allowed Akane to come along, and they had slipped off into the night.  Finally I combined all that, and decided the story still needed more, so I added Ukyou and the idea that Ranma would be considerably easier to subdue while weakened like that...about the only possible way he's likely to get pregnant without a _lot_ of time, some Instant Nannichuan, and one of his fiancee's.  The success of this story is pretty much going to depend upon the writing, as it both covers a long period of time, and makes some fairly large assumptions which must be worked in subtly.  I'm not sure when or if I'll ever do this one, and should anyone be willing to try I'd like to see it.