Siblings' Stories,

     The Fanfiction of a Brother and Sister
Here I present for your viewing satisfaction a small token of both my sister's and my own efforts at creating fiction.  The works which have traveled from our pens, or keyboards, to your ears are written in the spirit of appreciation which all true fan fiction should be.  Few if any of the characters presented within these stories, none at the moment in fact, are ours and are borrowed without permission from the brilliant minds of those who created them, Rumiko Takahashi and Naoko Takeuchi for Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon respectively.  Both my sister and I welcome any and all C&C, and should you wish to offer some it may be sent to us at the links listed at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy.

Last updated 2/22/03--I've posted what I have done of Crocodile's Tears in case anyone is morbidly curious at a tale I talked about two years ago. I'm primarily doing this because I have to update the links for the new web page anyway, however, my life is a tad lacking in direction right now so I might start writing again sooner than I think.

Dew upon an Oak's Leaves

  1. Chapter One: Morning Mists and Oak Buds
  2. Chapter Two: Condensation amongst the Blooms
  3. Chapter Three: Dew upon an Oak's Leaves
This is a story about a loving couple and the rekindling of an old romance, one a young man verging on greatness in his chosen field and the other a warrior of love and justice.  Currently my sister's primary story and the tale which has received the most comment upon the page, a revision consisting mainly of editing is in the works for the second part and the final section is being written.

Forbidden Feelings   (Revised Version: Partial)

Gender is such a funny thing, one would think that little could truly disturb it, yet as has been shown time and time again within the Ranma universe little is constant and this less so than most.  Within the cast surely Ranma has the most trouble with this tricky subject, yet there are others whose identity's waver in just such a manner and with little need for curses.  This story is my own primary contribution to the page, and I'm currently working on a rewrite for it.

Let's Keep it Platonic...

"Would you like to be friends?" she asked, and this is the story of what might have happened if that relationship hadn't been broken by Ranma's revelation.  An idea composed by my sister, she sent me a rather disjointed teaser and a few basic ideas, I cleaned up the teaser and added my own touch and a title which came to me.

Nodoka's Love

  1. Chapter One
  2. Chapter Two
A single decision which Genma makes turns the world in which Ranma lives around.  What if when he decided to present his contract and the ideas it represented--he did so in the wrong manner?  Many people have questioned what kind of mother would allow her son to be taken from her as Nodoka did Ranma, in this case Genma will make a mistake, the contract will be demoted to nothing more than a slip of paper, and Nodoka's love for her son will have a chance to bloom.  Here is the first chapter, and the part of the second I have written.

What's in a Name?

For all the powers she has been granted, and the widom she has gained, Usagi Tsukino or Queen Serenity is still at some level an ordinary young woman.  And questions float and flicker in any person's mind, more so when one believes the answer is predetermined and the questioning to some extent pointless.  This is the story of Usagi answering one of her questions and the results of that answer.  This is a short story which my sister composed quite awhile ago and which is essentially complete at this time.  The story is based entirely upon the Sailor Moon universe, unlike most of the stories found on this page.

The Grape of Happosai's Eye

Happosai is seldom portrayed in a good light in any fanfic, after all, how human can "The Most Evil Demon in All Japan" be?  This spurred my sister and I to write this little spamfic together, it was primarily written as a joke but oddly enough we recieved a fair bit of C&C on it.

Crocodile Tears

This is a story that I began awhile back, but lost control of somewhere during the narrative. When I get back to writing I'll probably work on this a bit more, revising to make sure the story knows where it's going and how it's going to get there.

When my sister actually types up the fanfiction she's writing (for some reason she actually likes to do them by hand) I'll post those here as well. 

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