This page records house rules that I have developed for my campaign. I currently maintain them in three PDFs that are linked below. In addition to house rules and variants, you can also find new content within the documents, though for the full set of documents related to that you should visit the page dedicated to that.

House Rules

Combat and Adventure: This document contains all of the general house rules that I have developed for combat and adventuring. In addition, you will also find a few house rules that will eventually receive their own documents, but there are not enough of just yet.

  1. Combat
  2. Adventuring

Skills and Feats: This document contains all of the house rules concerning skills and feats that I have established. For the most part, this document contains variants and expansions rather than outright revision. At this time, there are no changes to Feats, however, you will find several new feats within.

  1. Skills
    • Appraise
    • Craft
    • Intimidate
    • Heal
    • Knowledge
    • Survival
  2. Feats
    • Break the Mind
    • Break the Soul
    • Divine Metamagic
    • Mind Healer
    • Scent Reading

Magic and Spells: Like the skills and feats document, this document primarily contains new content, though the Magic section is mostly house rules.

  1. Magic
    • Summoning
    • Individual Spell Effects
  2. Spell Lists (New Spells)
  3. Spell Descriptions (New Spells)