Female Rogue Shipwright (Level 1)

CN Medium Cyborg (Mist Mist Person)

Init +4; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1 Aura Distracting Beauty (30 ft)
Defense 8 (4 Defense + 3 Int + 1 armor), 18 take-ten, 23 take-fifteen; Logia Body hp 7 (1 HD); DR 2; Unnatural Body (does not heal) Fort +6 (4), Ref +3 (1), Will +4 (4) Immune Physical (w/counter) Resist none
Wealth 30,000 beli; Carrying Capacity lbs (66/100); Other
Mist Mist Powers - can change into and/or control water vapor - significant stealth capabilities as water vapor is invisible and mists and fog obscure vision and muffle sound - can modify mists to be very hot (steam) or very cold (freezing fog) to do damage - basic generate mists ability creates mist, steam, or freezing fog - advanced generate mists ability steam explosion or ice fog - can take advantage of the way light interacts with mist to create illusions - very low order of superiority vs fire/cold logia types, but counts as both
Open panel
Speed 30 ft. [6 squares], swim 0 ft [0 squares] Melee kukri on rope +6 (1d6/18-20) or Melee kukri +3 (1d4/18-20) or Ranged water pistol +6 (1d6/x2), 100 ft range w/Finger Gun [1/4 tank] Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (20 ft. w/Rope Action) Ranged Shot +6; Melee Shot +3; Unarmed Strike +3; Grapple +3; Trip +2; Disarm +6 Light Throwing Load 10 lb (50 ft); Heavy Throwing Load 66 lb (10 ft); Attack Options Rope Action, Sneak Attack (+1d6), Generate Mists Special Actions Gas Guzzler (fresh water), Generate Mists, Hidden Mists Combat Gear leather vest, kukri, rope
Maneuvers and Stances Known: [I]Stances[/I] - Hidden Mists [I]Strikes[/I] - Sneak Attack, Generate Mists [I]Boosts[/I] - [I]Counters[/I] - Logia Body
Secondary Skills: +4 - Appraise (1) +3 - Balance (1) +0 - Bluff (1) +1 - Climb (1) +7 - Engineering (4) +3 - Escape Artist (1) +6 - Hide (4) +7 - Invent (4) +1 - Jump (1) +1 - Listen (1) +6 - Move Silently (4) +4 - Sailing (4) +4 - Search (1) +6 - Sleight of Hand (4) +1 - Spot (1) +4 - Trapping (1) +3 - Tumble (1)


Shy, has a temper, used to just taking what she wants


Alyse was born on a small Spring Island in West Blue called Red Dock Island for its ties to the Red Line (which lies in sight of the island). Her father was a struggling shipwright from a modest family (Duran) and her mother was a disinherited noble (Hashoyu Jewel); abandoned by her family for marrying Duran. The youngest of seven daughters, Alyse was typically seen as a tomboy and very far from the beauties that her sisters were turning out to be during most of her childhood. This was largely a result of her behavior and constant state of dishevelment and shyness, but those distinctions seldom come across to children and teenagers and the view of herself as rather homely has stuck with her for much of her life.

While her family as a whole was kind, she spent much of her childhood fighting with her older sisters for hand me downs, time, and other childhood commodaties and grew rather adept at it over time. Those inclinations were only reinforced when she decided at the age of 8 that she was going to become a shipwright like her father to take over the business-- against her fathers wishes. For the first two years of her "apprenticeship" she was forced to sneak around stealing supplies and tools in order to practice and observing her father from hiding. Eventually, realizing that he was not going to change Alyse's mind, Duran made her an official apprentice, however, and she spent the next six years learning the craft from him.

It was when she was 16 that an opportunity appeared for her father-- a contest, sponsored by the Marine Science Corps and held in Mariejois. Her father chose to enter a new steam powered engine in the fair and brought Alyse along to aid him in preparing and displaying the engine. However, during the demonstration the engine exploded, knocking her unconscious.

That explosion is the last memory that Alyse had before waking up approximately a month ago, almost naked, alone, and resting in a paw print shaped crater slowly filling with water in a small cave on an island in East Blue. Since that time, she has been attempting to find out what happened to her and finding a safe means of travel-- particularly given that she has discovered the fact that she is now a cyborg. She has yet to learn just how long has actually passed, not having encountered a newspaper and being hesitant to ask anything of strangers. Her last memories, however, were prior to the execution of Gold Roger and she has lost close to a quarter century, despite still appearing as to be 16 years old.

  • Born in a small hamlet in West Blue, seventh daughter to a shipwright with no sons and very shy
  • Apprenticed herself to her father to carry on the family business, was typically seen as a tomboy and very far from the beauties that her sister's were turning out to be (largely a matter of behavior/posture/manners rather than anything else, but that doesn't really come across as a child/teen)
  • Rogue skills were mainly developed fighting over clothes and other items with her sisters growing up and then sneaking around stealing supplies before her father finally accepted her as an apprentice.
  • When she was 16, was working with her father on a demonstration of a new steam powered ship for a contest being held by the Marine Science Corps when the engine exploded, knocking her unconscious-- this is her last memory of her family.
  • When Alyse woke up again, she was alone and nearly naked in a paw shaped crater in a cave a short distance from a village in East Blue
  • That was approximately a month ago; she has yet to figure out what exactly happened to her, though elements of it (namely her being a cyborg) came up quite quickly; explosion was approximately 25 years ago, shortly before Gol D. Roger was captured. She has yet to see a paper and learn about the large time difference between her memories and reality

What actually happened

  • Did not transform herself into a cyborg, was "fatally" injured in the explosion and "volunteered" as a test subject for Vegapunk
  • Was forced into the Marines and worked for them after she was saved, though details are up in the air; was given her Devil Fruit power as part of serving as a prototype cyborg similar to Barthalomew Kuma
  • As one of his last human acts, Kuma "reset" her to strip out the obedience programming inserted into their programming (stripping her of her memories and experiences since the explosion in the process) and sending her away from Marineford. That was between three and five years ago; since that time she has been lying inactive in the cave-- it wasn't until a small stream diverted and doused her in fresh water that she woke.

Pirate Flag

Pirate Ship

Character Name:  Alyse
           Age:  16
        Gender:  Female
     Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
          Race:  Cyborg
          Size:  Medium
         Class:  Rogue
        Career:  Shipwright

Disadvantages: Jealousy, Inferiority Complex, Compulsively Hygenic
Ability Scores:
           Str: 10 [ 8 - 0] (+2 Str)
           Dex: 14 [14 - 6]
           Con: 12 [10 - 4] (+2 Con)
           Int: 16 [16 - 8]
           Wis: 10 [10 - 2]
           Cha:  6 [ 8 - 0] (-2 Cha)

Favored Skills:
 +3 - Weapon Attack (1) + Dex
 +3 - Unarmed Strike (1) + Dex
 +6 - Ranged Shot (4) + Dex
 +8 - Defense (4) + Int + Armor
 +4 - Initiative (1) + Int
 +5 - Fortitude (4) + Con
 +6 - Reflex (4) + Dex
 +1 - Will (1) + Wis

Secondary Skills:
 +4 - Appraise (1)
 +3 - Balance (1)
 +0 - Bluff (1)
 +1 - Climb (1)
 +7 - Engineering (4)
 +3 - Escape Artist (1)
 +6 - Hide (4)
 +7 - Invent (4)
 +1 - Jump (1)
 +1 - Listen (1)
 +6 - Move Silently (4)
 +4 - Sailing (4)
 +4 - Search (1)
 +6 - Sleight of Hand (4)
 +1 - Spot (1)
 +4 - Trapping (1)
 +3 - Tumble (1)

 Rogue - Balance, Bluff, Climb, Escape Artist, Spot, Listen, 
         Perform, Hide, Move Silently, Sleight of Hand, Search, Trapping, Tumble
 Shipwright - Appraise, Balance, Climb, Jump, Sleight of Hand, Invent, Engineering, Sailing, Tumble

HP: 6
DR: 1
Melee: kukri on rope +6 (1d6/18-20), 20 ft reach; [Rope Action]
Ranged: hand cannon +6 (1d6/x2), 100 ft range; [Hand Cannon]

Racial Abilities:
 - +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Cha
 - Unnatural Body (does not heal)
 - Gas Guzzler (fresh water/steam)
 - Implants
   (1) Finger Gun
   (F) Steel Skin

   1st - Devil Fruit User (Mist Mist)
       - Rope Action
       - Generate Mists
       - Distracting Beauty
       - Mean Machine [Steel Skin]
 Devil - Logia Body (Bonus) - weak vs extreme heat and extreme cold
 Dev-1 - Hidden Mists (concealment, hide in plain sight type of thing)
 Class - Weapon Prociency (Light Melee Weapons)
 Class - Armor Proficiency (Light)
 Class - Sneak Attack

 - Shipwright Kit (50,000)
 - Leather Armor (20,000)
 - Kukri (16,000)
 - Rope (50)

Very beautiful, but almost no self-confidence
Uses her own mist to power her cyborg powers-- basically absorbing the mists

 - 10,000 Beli (bar)
 - 20,000 Beli (captain)
 - maps, tightly rolled

Fluid Changes
 - Salt Water:  Causes her to be more "salty", using rougher language and prone to ribald humor
 - Cola:  Causes her to have a "bubbly" personality, very optimistic and happy
 - Fruit Juice:  "Hentai" personality (maybe)
 - Hot Chocolate:  "Maternal" personality
 - Oil:  "Dark" personality, very likely something forced on her in the past by marines 
 - Coffee:  "Hyper" personality

Ship Plans:
 - Paddlewheel the giant powers

New Content
Hidden Mists
 Benefit: In environments over freezing temperature, you can use the Hide skill even while being observed.
Finger Gun
 Benefit: You install a small gun into your finger, allowing you to do a single ranged shot up to 100 ft away.  
This is a standard attack and deals 1d6 damage at 1st level, 1d8 damage at 5th level, 1d8/x3 damage at 10th level, 
2d6/x3 damage at 15th level, and 2d6/19-20x3 damage at 20th level.  Each time this is used, it uses up 1/4 a bottle.

Distracting Beauty
 You are stunningly beautiful and cause heads to turn whenever you pass.  
 Prerequisite:  Defense 4
 Benefit:  Characters of your level or lower who can see you and are within 30 foot are fascinated by your beauty.  
They take a �4 penalty on skill checks made as reactions, such as Listen and Spot checks. Any potential threat, such as 
a hostile creature approaching, allows the fascinated creature a saving throw against the fascinating effect equal to 
12 + your character level. Any obvious threat, such as someone drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or aiming a ranged 
weapon at the fascinated creature, automatically breaks the effect. A fascinated creature�s ally may shake it free of 
the spell as a standard action.  A character who saves against Distracting Beauty is immune for the rest of the day.
 Special:  You take a -2 penalty on all Disguise checks.

Beauty is Love
 Your beauty is enough to stir the hearts of those who 
 Prerequisite:  Distracting Beauty, Defense 8
 Benefit:  If a character fails a save against your Distracting Beauty, they will be charmed for 5 rounds instead of 
fascinated.  You may attempt a Charisma check as normal to entice the character into taking a specific action on your 
behalf if it is something they would not normally do (such as fighting on your behalf or handing over treasure).  The 
character level of those subject to your Distracting Beauty feat is also increased to 1 + your character level or 
 Special:  You take a -4 penalty on all Disguise checks.

Beauty Without Sin
 Your beauty is enough to sway even the most hardened hearts and you can do no wrong in their eyes.  You will be 
forgiven almost any action by those around you, simply because you are beautiful.  "I will be forgiven no matter what I 
do.  If you ask why... Indeed, it is because I am beautiful." -- Empress Boa Hancock
 Prerequisite:  Distracting Beauty, Beauty is Love, Defense 11
 Benefit:  Any character subject to your Distracting Beauty feat will automatically rationalize any action you take, no 
matter how despicable or wrong.  You can kick a wounded puppy into a wall in front of an ardent dog lover and they will 
immediately blame the puppy for being in front of you when you were trying to walk or themselves for allowing it to be 
there in the first place.  The character level of those subject to your Distracting Beauty feat is also increased to 2 
+ your character level or lower.
 Special:  You take a -6 penalty on all Disguise checks.